Monday, September 07, 2009

A Wonderful Labor Day

Today we visited Living History Farms with Carrie's family. The grandkids helped bring in wood at the store owners house in Walnut.

When we got to the 1850s farm, the lady was cleaning up from their noon meal. She asked Luke if he'd like to help, to which he said yes. She had some milk remaining in the milk can that needed to be taken out to the pigs. She poured it into a pitcher and handed it to Luke. He was very careful carrying it out to the pigs so as to not spill any (or get any on himself since it might have smelled a bit). I was trying to shoot a video with my new camera but accidentally hit the stop button so didn't get it all, but this small section of video shows the proud and happy little guy after completing this very important chore.

Here are some pictures of him carrying the milk to the pigs:

After the day at the Farms, we headed over to the Machine Shed for a farm-style dinner. Fantastic day.

Sorry for the orange photo...didn't take time to clean any of these up.