Sunday, September 27, 2009

My weekend

I had a very busy weekend. Started the weekend out with the grands spending the night Friday night and took them to a birthday party for a great nephew who turned one. Saturday night Roger and I saw Wicked at the Civic Center, which was Wicked*ly good.

Today we did our fall tradition of visiting Howell Tree Farm. Jaren and Keira are still a little small to fully enjoy it, but I think they had a good time. The boys did, however, crash for awhile and got a power nap in.There was hay to climb on.
Pumpkins to pick. Luke picked out a 70 cent gourd. Mia selected a five pound pumpkin and Cailey's was 55 pounds. Pumpkins were selling for 39 cents per pound, which translates to Cailey's pumpkin costing almost $20.
Flowers to enjoy.
and swings to swing on.

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I've finally got caught up on my assignments for the class I'm taking at