Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our 2009 Christmas Letter

Well, we are again. The year 2009 was so much like 2008, it was hard at times to tell the difference. It all started with January, just like the year before. And before we knew it, February came along, and then March. Our suber-intelligent, gifted and talented children soon recognized the pattern, and predicted April and May would follow. It was all downhill after that, barely even a challenge. Alasdair, who as you know is a mathematician with a PhD and an office all to himself (which actually has TWO desks in it, BOTH for HIM), soon hypothesized that Christmas would fall in December this year, and sure enough, here I am, sitting here, writing to you, and it WILL be Christmas soon (in December).

Our children and grandchildren have excelled at absolutely everything this year, embarrassing themselves (and everyone else) with their extraordinary abilities. Fortunately they have level headed and objective parents who maintain their feet firmly on the ground. The grandchildren do attend elocution and deportment classes in preparation for the various prize and award ceremonies we anticipate they will have to attend over their lifetimes. They have been enrolled in Swedish language classes for some time, because, after all, we would hate for them to be at a disadvantage when they travel to accept their Nobel prizes!

Even our guests have been outstanding. We enjoyed the company of a young exchange student from Denmark for the first three months of this year. He had a simply splendid time here and was impressed that we were able to communicate with him in his native tongue.

We have welcomed a special new addition to our family this year. He is blind in one eye, and has mild hemiplegia, and some dysphasia and dysphagia due to hemiparesis of the tongue, and he has the unnerving habit of urinating on people when he greets them. But as far as rats go, he is one of the most witty and urbane companions we have ever consorted with. The grandchildren look to him for advice on so many aspects of their social and intellectual development, and we are more than happy to delegate this responsibility to our betters and wisers.

Well, I could go on, but I don't want you to feel inadequate at this very special time of the year. I do hope that you have reached at least a few of the objectives and performance indicators you have set for yourselves.

Much love to you all, and do feel free to bask in the glow of our glory.

All done

Saturday I had the two little J grandchildren over and realized I do not have a picture of the two of them and Keira is now 4 months old. Jaren was sitting next to me on the love seat while I held Keira. I grabbed my camera, got the settings set, and placed Keira next to Jaren. He immediately let out a distressed cry, leaned as far away from her as he could and signed "all done." This isn't the best photo, but you get the idea:
Get her away from me!
Okay, this is a little better but I'm still a little uncomfortable. Perhaps move her across the room?

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

My own little scrap retreat

I spent my furlough day scrapping and completed some layouts for my 25 days of templates class.

December 2009 Blizzard

As of this morning, the Des Moines airport, which is 1.5 miles directly west of my house, is reporting 14.5 inches of snow. This morning it is blowing and drifting. I tried to open my front door to look outside only to find it was drifted shut.

Luckily I have been opening and closing the back door frequently to let the dogs out, so I've managed to keep it swept open. They plow through the snow on the deck, make their way along the garage
and then Molly, I suppose because she is the larger dog, is the snow plow making a path into the yard to take care of business.

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Hope Roger can make it home from work.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Newly discovered video

Just came across this video of Luke (about 6-9 months) and Mia from my archives.