Monday, June 25, 2007


Well yesterday we went to Adventureland, courtesy of American Spirit Graphics. David had some tickets from American Republic and the Oklands joined us. We called this our trial run for Disney World later in July.

I took my Kodak camera--didn't want to take the new Nikon out because of the weather. The kids loved riding the rides. I think the girls' favorite ride was the Frog Hopper, and the semi's were probably Luke's. Carrie rode with him the first time in the back and when they were unloading, he immediately climbed in the cab and didn't want to get out. We got back in line and the next time he rode in the cab with Cailey and Roger rode in the back with Mia. He didn't want to get off it. He managed to ride the semis once more before we left for the day.

David won the girls a big dog at one of the carnival games and Mia won both her and Cailey stuffed Shreks' at another Carnival game.

Roger rode some more exciting rides with David joining him on the Dragon and Carrie on the outlaw. Cailey wanted so bad to ride the dragon and the outlaw and her and Mia would stand by the sign showing they were tall enough. On a water ride (inner tubes on a waterslide) Cailey was really tossed around but wanted to ride it again. Mia sat next to me and I managed to keep her held down when we started spinning. It was a great day.

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