Friday, April 24, 2009

And Finally, pics from the soccer game

And here's one last posting for the day from the girls soccer game last Sunday. Cailey is in the larger photo on top and Mia in the bottom two. Now I'd better get ready for work!

Soccer Practice

Here are a couple pictures of Mia at her soccer practice on Tuesday night. I am a little disappointed in my pictures and promise to get better ones.

While I went to the girls' soccer practice on Tuesday, Grandpa went to Luke's and took these pictures. Looks like he was really enjoying himself.

Soccer and dining out

Been a busy week. Tuesday night I went to the girls' soccer practice. Here is Cailey dribbling the ball and taking time to wave to Grandma. I'll get Mia's pics posted later.
Wednesday I went to Jaren's last swimming class at the Y. The little guy really enjoyed the water and the cold didn't seem to bother him at all.

Thursday night we all went to dinner at Robin's Wood Oven Grill. The food was good, but they ripped us off. I guess we have become spoiled by restaurants offering free refills. The three older grandchildren all ordered juice to drink. Both girls asked for refills. The restaurant charged $2 for each juice times five cups for a total of $10 for juice. Could have bought a couple gallons of juice for this price.

Our bills did not come itemized and Roger's and my dinner was about $5 over what I figured it should have been. Then Roger didn't notice and didn't hear Jeremy say that the tip was included in the price so he added another $7 in tip. Our waitress ended up getting a $12.31 tip from us on a bill that should have been $32. I don't think we'll be going back anytime soon.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

More scrapbook layouts

This layout was part of a challenge to use a special filter on a photo.

Did another speed scrap last night at Hummie's World and this is what I ended up with. I'm not really happy with it and need to rework it some before I print it out and add to my scrapbook.

365 Project

Week 14 of 2009.

Week 15 of 2009's Project 365.

GG and the Greats

I just finished this layout. My assignment was to scraplift a scrapper by the name of Ronnie McCray. In the world of Scrapbooking and Cardmaking, "Lifting" ideas is welcomed. A great way to do this is by obtaining ideas from friends, other crafters, books and magazines.

Supplies used:
  • Scrappin Cop's Doodle Animals
  • Atomic Cupcake Dot Brush
  • ScrapSimple Papers: AMC_SSPaper_CreativeExpression_Blend, AMC_SSPaper_CreativeExpression_Wash, AMC_SSPaper_CreativeExpression_Words
  • COL_SSEmb_PenInk
  • COL_LYOBrush_PenInk
  • Fonts: Monotype Corsiva and StoneSerif SAIN

Friday, April 17, 2009

I am Lei-Out of the day at

I am SO EXCITED! I woke up this morning and went to's home page and saw the lay out above was chosen Lei-Out of the Day at I did this last night as part of a speed scrap using the Artisan Guild's April Kit and the Scrappin Cop's Doodle Alpha. A speed scrap is where you get new directions every 10 minutes and create your lei-out during the timeframe of the scrap. Here's what they said about my lei-out and the instructions we were given:

This beautiful lei-out is the creation of a speed scrap today at Here is the lei-out recipe:

1. Choose one photo, one photo only. It must be black and white.
2. Your photo must be framed - however you like.
3. Choose a shape and clip at least 3 of these shapes out of paper. Go ahead and pick your background paper too.
4. There must be a flower on your page somewhere.
5. There must also be stitching and it must be vertical!
6. Your journaling must include a quote and your title must be included in your journaling.
7. That’s it…finished. Add any extra embellishments you want, add shadows, dates, etc.

QueenShakeNBake hit a homerun with this challenge! She chose a fabulous photo, wonderfully coordinated colors and elements and how cool is her title? One technique she used that really adds interest is manipulated shadows. As one of the recipe requirements was to use vertical stitching, she chose to “stitch” down her paper elements. She played with the shadows on these elements to make them appear to partially lift off the page. Overall a very beautiful, creative lei-out!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hummie's Challenge

I am participating in some scrapbooking challenges. The first challenge is a title challenge--"As you Grow, So do I." Since my kiddos are grown, what came to mind was our "photo tree" we cut down last year. I loved seeing how small the tree was once. You can even see our poodle Lady's chain draped up the tree in the first picture. This chain you can still see a small portion of embedded in the trunk of the tree. Interesting thing about the angle of most our pictures--it is the Fisher's house and not ours that always appears in the background.

The journaling reads:

I was the Jorgenson Family's official photo tree until the summer of 2008 when a summer storm tore me apart.

I was planted one year before Carrie was born and from that point forward all the official family photos were taken in front of me, such as first day of school, holiday photos, and graduation. Even Cailey and Mia's first day of preschool photos were taken in front of me. I don't think the Jorgenson's realized when they had me cut down that a big part of their family history disappeared with me.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Re-Wined Re-Visited

Tonight was the last Re-Wine of the season at the Jasper Winery. Tonight's topic dealt with hooping. Sparkle (Mary) is a certified Hoopnotica Instructor, and she brought some hoops for us use. Two of my sister-in-laws joined me, Barb and Gloria. Gloria and I got up and tried our hips at hooping. For more information on hooping, see Now I've got to talk Roger into making me a hoop. It seems he can make about 8 for the cost of buying one. I'd love to learn new moves other than just spinning it on my waist. Mary made everything look so easy.

Monday, April 06, 2009

I didn't do any scrapping last week. Been catching up on my 365 layout and doing some challenges at

This lay-out (lei-out) was done for "X Marks the Spot" challenge (lei-out that has the word SWEET in honor of April) and "Snorkeling Lessons" (combining two or more papers). The car I photographed at Hardee's during one of their Friday night car shows.

These were my photos for the 13th week of 2009. Thursday is an out-of-focus finch I photographed at our bird feeder. Friday I visited Jason's grave on what would have been his 31st birthday. It would have also been my Brother's 62nd birthday. My paternal grandmother also was born on the 27th of March. Saturday night Roger and I spent another night in playing Wii games. Sunday I caught some snow still hanging around in my bird bath. Monday night Jeremy and Jaren stopped by for a visit. He had the tongue sticking out thing going on. Tuesday I spent my lunch in my car reading in McRae Park and photographing these geese. Wednesday Roger and I took the girls to their soccer practice.