Thursday, August 07, 2008

More SD Vacation Layouts

To continue the saga of our recent Black Hills vacation, Day 2 we left Kimball and enroute to the Badlands. The girls were watching Annie (which they watched 2 1/2 times that day). We found out we had no cell phone service and tried to find a calling card to buy. Just couldn't find any.

On our way to the Badlands and Wall Drug, we stopped at the 1880 town. This town also had movie props and a horse from Dances with Wolves. Cailey had to stop by the display again on our way out. She also took her sketch diary in with her and while we enjoyed a drink in the saloon, drew a picture of the bar. We didn't have a chance to see it all but did enjoy what we did see.

We next drove through the Badlands and got out to climb. Cailey fell, hurting her elbow while running. Mia was a little leery of the the heights so we didn't spend too much time climbing. We saw elk and prairie dogs.

At Wall Drug there was lots of things to look at and want. We ate lunch there and let the girls play in the water for awhile, and posed with the cheesy cutouts for pictures before heading out to our hotel in Custer. We drove through Custer Park to get to our hotel. Beautiful park. Once we got to the hotel, the first thing we did was go swimming.