Thursday, August 14, 2008

Benefiber or Dog Biscuit...

I'm getting ready for bed. I let the dogs out, took my night meds and then grabbed three Benefiber. I popped one in my mouth and chewed it while letting the dogs in. I then walked over and grabbed three dog biscuits out of the treat jar. Gave Molly her treat, popped another Benefiber in my mouth while giving Maddie her treat, and couldn't understand why it didn't taste right. I looked into my hand and realized I had two Benefibers and no dog biscuits in my hand--I had popped a dog biscuit into my mouth instead of a Benefiber. Yuck!!!

Here is a layout I created tonight from a picture I took in the 1880 town while on vacation. It was taken in the photographers studio and I told Roger and the girls they couldn't smile, which they complied with.