Monday, June 02, 2008

Month of Memories

I'm participating in "A Month of Memories" class over at, taught by Mary Elizabeth O'Toole. Yesterday was Day 1, and we could take a picture of anything, and this is the picture and layout I created. I had forgotten all about the class starting until late in the day and when I remembered I took this picture of Lukey with his boo-boo on his face.

I had had everybody over for dinner, and the kids were out in the living room playing, drawing, and watching TV while us big folks were sitting around the table in the kitchen. Luke comes running in crying and I picked him up. Carrie became concerned immediately because that was his I'm scared cry. I got him calmed down enough to realize he had somehow hurt himself. He had a small cut under his lower lip and a line on the side of his face. We had followed his sisters into the "office" (the room where my husband and I each have our computers set up) while they got a stapler. They left the room but he climbed up in grandpa's chair and was typing on the computer (probably trying to find Thomas), when somehow the chair spinned, moved or something and he fell hitting his face on the computer hutch.