Sunday, June 08, 2008

Month of Memories, Days 2-7

I was going to post daily my assignments for the Month of Memories Class, but have taken way too much time creating my layouts (plus it has been a very hectic week). The following pictures are in reverse order.

Day 7: Contrast was the assignment.

Day 6: Self Portrait. I played around with doing a "Wilson" from "Tool Time" but ended up showing my whole face:

Day 5: Funny. Wasn't finding anything too funny this day since I was up all night with Molly and was having serious thoughts how much longer she can go on with this level of terror of storms and fireworks:

Day 4: Journey. Mia's posed journey going for a walk in the neighborhood:

Day 3: Candid. Again, a posed portrait for the occasion. I'm terrible:

Day 2: Lucky. Not sure how much you could consider this a lucky shot since I drove directly to Gray's Lake to get a shot of the flooding. I guess it is lucky because hopefully if I went back there in August there would be no flooding.