Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hanging out at home

Well it has been awhile since I've posted. Not much happening around here. I have done some scrapping this weekend for a couple challenges over at ScrapGirls.

For the Friday sketch challenge, I created the following layout:

For the Saturday Color Challenge, I scrapped this page from my visit to the zoo with Luke:

The journaling tells a cute story about Luke and the monkey that bit his toes. It wasn't really a monkey and it didn't really bit his toes--didn't even come close to him. It was a cool March day and after the class we participated in, we decided to tour the zoo. There was an enclosure and inside the enclosure was a building for some monkeys. Because of the temperature, the monkeys were in the building making LOTS of noise. Luke kept wanting to know what the noise was and I told him it was some monkeys inside the building. He wanted to go inside the building to see the monkeys. Awhile later, on our way out, we passed by the bird exhibit and a peacock had his tail feathers spread. It was beautiful and I was taking some pictures through the fence. Then I decided we would go into the area so I could take pictures without shooting through the fence. We were probably 25 feet away from him. I'm shooting away with Luke standing right next to me. Then the peacock, which was evidently flirting with an ostrich, hissed at us so I decided it was time to leave. Later that afternoon Luke was telling his father all about the monkey that bit his toes, the monkeys in the building were loud and they bit my toes. I kept assuring my son-in-law that although the monkeys were in a building and were very loud, we did not go see them and Luke's toes were not bitten. Later when my daughter came over, Luke and I were showing her the pictures I had taken and when I got to the peacock, he informed his mother that that monkey bit his toes. We told him it was not a monkey but a peacock, but he insisted it was a monkey. A few days later I asked Luke tell his Uncle Jeremy about our visit to the zoo. Luke said he saw a peacock but that he calls it a monkey. What a boy!

I've also been scrapping some 4" x 6" inch brag books for the grandchildren.