Sunday, February 03, 2008

Molly B. Goode

Got up this morning and decided to scrap some pictures of Molly I ran across from 1999. Molly was four when these pictures were taken; she is now 12 1/2. She's starting to show her age these days with limping and taking longer to get up from laying down. She was our first Beagle and she taught us a lot about how to secure a yard to keep her from escaping. As a pup, she also loved to chew up my shoes. I don't know how many pairs of tennis shoes she chewed up. Our daughter Carrie was already away at college when we added her to the house and when Carrie was home from school for a break, it never failed I would get a call from her, "I hate this dog." Molly was forever bolting out the door and taking off and boy could she run. We later would put in an underground fence which really did work (for her anyway).

Scrapping this page brought back some fond memories I have of Molly. Although I really love my other two dogs, when Molly was our only dog, I took her everywhere with me and could get her to obey commands to stay or drop so I could photograph her. She made many trips to Kirksville, Missouri with me to visit Carrie or pick her up. She was a real good traveler. She would go to sleep as soon as the speedometer would hit 45; as soon as I had to slow down to go through a town, she would wake up and look out at her surroundings. Then when the car would pick up speed again after leaving a town, back to sleep she went.

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