Saturday, February 09, 2008

Lukey photographs Grandpa

Enjoyed another Saturday where Roger didn't have to work! He's been pursuing his new hobby of collecting N-gauge trains and track stuff, a lot of it on eBay. I have been scrapping and driving him to his dealers (trains that is) to look at and purchase stuff. I did get to water aerobics this morning. Other than that, we have spent the day in our "home" office, back to back, pursuing our interests, all while drinking a fantastic bottle of wine we bought in the fall of 2006 during our vacation in California. The wine is Cellar Cats Red, an Alexander Valley Zinfandel.

Our fantastic grandson Luke (a.k.a. Lukey) loves to take pictures, and I let him use my Nikon D40X to take pictures whenever he likes. He sometimes cuts off the head, but I feel he is doing great--especially since he is only two years old.