Sunday, January 03, 2010

Picture of the Day

Last year I participated in Project 365 and while I completed the year, I didn't post all of them. After debating whether to do it again this year, I decided to continue. Here is my cover page for January and the first three days of the year. I think this week will be food and beverage-relaterd photos.
The photo on January's cover page is from last week when I was babysitting some grandkids. Cailey and Mia were pretending to be asleep when I came back down from putting Luke to bed.
January 1: I've already posted this photo of the empty juice containers after the kids left.
January 2: Roger and I went to Bordenaro's, usually one of our favorite pizza joints, for pizza. Service was the worst we've ever had. We sat there for 10-15 minutes before a waitress even came over to see if we had been served. I might add they weren't that busy. We gave her our drink and food order and she then left and cleaned off a table, went back behind the counter and picked up her wine glass and took some sips and joked and visited with other workers and friends. She hadn't even placed our order. After waiting 10 minutes I marched up to the counter and asked if we cold get our drinks "tonight." "Oh, yes, sure. I'm sorry." I walked back to the table and she disappeared into the kitchen to place our orders. The rest of the night went okay and I don't think I had anything in my pizza or drink that shouldn't be. I'm not sure, but I don't think she should have been drinking while at work. On top of that, I seriously doubt she was 21. The pizza though was worth the wait. Love their pizza and onion rings.
January 3: Needed groceries plus I had made some purchases from one of my favorite digi shops, Weeds and Wildflowers Designs. Unfortunately for reasons that remain a great mystery, I am unable to download my purchases from this store (and a couple other ones) from at home so I have to find a public wi-fi spot to download. So we headed off to Hy-Vee for breakfast and shopping. I just had OJ and toast; Roger had their breakfast buffet. Came home and fixed the Pioneer Woman's pot roast and while it cooked, got some digi scrapping and organizing files done. Great Day!
Supplies used: All from Gina Marie Huff's Sweet and Simple LIFE 365 January Template and Kit Bundle available at Weeds and Wildflowers Design.