Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Molly B. Good

Worked on this layout tonight. Molly was quite a pistal (and can still be at times). We named her Molly but found ourselves frequently saying "Molly be good." So when it came time to send in her papers, I officially named her Molly B. Good.

Journaling reads:

She moves slower these days and is no longer able to jump on the bed. Getting on or off the sofa or off the deck is a major chore. I no longer have to worry about her running off. She has some serious health problems and her monthly prescription bill for one drug costs more than our prescriptions. I’m unsure if she can still hear me, but she can still smell and is contantly under foot when working in the kitchen. She’s been such a great companion to me and I treasure every day she’s still with me. JANUARY 2010

Supplies used: Papers from Jessica Sprague's Holidays in Hand kit; Songbird Avenue Bloom and Grow Temoplates