Thursday, May 14, 2009

What Grandma Has Been Doing

Wow, I didn't realize it has been20 days since I last blogged. Work has been zapping me and I haven't been doing much. Here's what I've done since last posting:

  1. Watched the girls play soccer
  2. Watched Dancing with the Stars and rode bike
  3. Board meeting; watched American Idol and Dancing with the Stars
  4. Board meeting; watched Luke play soccer; watched American Idol
  5. Swine flu n/k/a H1N1
  6. Swine flu n/k/a H1N1
  7. Chillin with Jaren
  8. American Idol
  9. Dancing with the Stars (Go Shawn)
  10. Bike riding
  11. Mowing andweeding
  12. Scrapping
  13. Shopping & planting flowers
  14. Watched girls play soccer
  15. Watched Luke roll around on ground during soccer game
  16. Dinner with family at Scornovaccos
  17. Watched American Idol
  18. Watched Dancing with the Stars (Go Shawn)
  19. Mowing
  20. Shopping and planting more flowers
  21. Chillin with Jaren
  22. Dinner with Roger at Macaroni Grill
  23. Scrapping
  24. Breakfast with family for Mother's day
  25. Wii bowling; had my best games last weekend--a 604 series for three games with my high game a 224. Spent a couple nights bowling with my sis too.
Today I went to the zoo with Luke, his other grandmother, and his preschool class. What is this--my 7 or 8th visit in 2009. Had a great time. I need to post some of my pictures and scrapbook pages. I'll try to do that before another 20 days have passed.