Friday, April 17, 2009

I am Lei-Out of the day at

I am SO EXCITED! I woke up this morning and went to's home page and saw the lay out above was chosen Lei-Out of the Day at I did this last night as part of a speed scrap using the Artisan Guild's April Kit and the Scrappin Cop's Doodle Alpha. A speed scrap is where you get new directions every 10 minutes and create your lei-out during the timeframe of the scrap. Here's what they said about my lei-out and the instructions we were given:

This beautiful lei-out is the creation of a speed scrap today at Here is the lei-out recipe:

1. Choose one photo, one photo only. It must be black and white.
2. Your photo must be framed - however you like.
3. Choose a shape and clip at least 3 of these shapes out of paper. Go ahead and pick your background paper too.
4. There must be a flower on your page somewhere.
5. There must also be stitching and it must be vertical!
6. Your journaling must include a quote and your title must be included in your journaling.
7. That’s it…finished. Add any extra embellishments you want, add shadows, dates, etc.

QueenShakeNBake hit a homerun with this challenge! She chose a fabulous photo, wonderfully coordinated colors and elements and how cool is her title? One technique she used that really adds interest is manipulated shadows. As one of the recipe requirements was to use vertical stitching, she chose to “stitch” down her paper elements. She played with the shadows on these elements to make them appear to partially lift off the page. Overall a very beautiful, creative lei-out!