Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's one skill you've wanted but don't have?

[Today's blog prompt is from Digital Scrapbook Place and was posted by tammy1999, whose blog is called Bangles, Beads and Bows.]

I've always loved to sing. I was born in 1954 and grew up the youngest of four children (there was 6 1/2 years difference between my brother and me and 8 and 11 years between my sisters and me)and was always surrounded by music. I was always singing along with the old 45s and albums.

My family was always pointing out to me, ever since I was a youngster, that I "couldn't carry a tune with a bucket" but that never phased me. I continued to sing.

In junior high I had to select an elective--chorus, band (I never played an instrument in my life), art (I felt at that time I had absolutely no artistic talent), and probably Spanish. I chose chorus because that is what my friends selected and as I have said, I love singing. We had to sing solo parts for the choir director so he could place us. After I did my part, he suggested I should choose a different elective. When that didn't work, it was suggested I lip sync, which is what I did the remainder of that semester.

Years later I met and married my husband, who has a wonderful voice. When I would sing along with the radio, he occasionally would ask me if I ever listened to myself. Of course I listened to myself and I didn't see a problem. We had two children who I was always singing to. FINALLY, I found someone who didn't think they were a music critic. I was in 7th heaven. These two children grew up to have beautiful voices and as they got older would occasionally tease me about my singing. My son grew up and performed in plays, sometimes the lead roll such as the Beast in Beauty and the Beast and Father/Noah in Children of Eden; went on to college and got a degree in music education and teaches K-8 vocal music; auditioned for American Idol; and, in 2004 was crowned Iowa Idol. He is married to a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice who has a degree in Music Performance who now gives private lessons in vocal music.

So I would say the one skill I've wanted (or thought I had) but don't have is the ability to sing. However, I have never let my inability or comments from the peanut galleries hurt me or stop me from pursuing my love of singing.