Saturday, February 28, 2009

My week

I've been busy playing Grandma this week. On Tuesday I received an Email from Jeremy asking if it was at all possible to take off and go help Sarah out with Jaren. He had been to the doctor the day before with RSV and was receiving breathing treatments with a nebulizer at home. He was running a fever and feeling terrible. I took Sarah some lunch and spent the afternoon and evening helping them out. Friday I took off again to watch Jaren and be available to take Sarah over to the hospital for her glucose test. Afterwards I picked her up and we had lunch with Jeremy and then the two of us went to Costco to pick up pictures, diapers, and wipes.

Then Carrie brought Cailey, Mia, and Luke over after school for me to watch while they went to see Legally Blonde. I had them spend the night so we had a good time and had a slumber party in the living room. I realized I'm too old to sleep on the floor. Luke no longer is demanding to go to the zoo--it is he wants to go on bacation (that is not a typo). This morning he put on his boots and was searching for his coat and kept telling me to come on because he really wanted to go on bacation. Luke built towers with Lego blocks; Mia drew pictures of and made a book about my dogs, Cailey and Luke played Wii, and Cailey put together a puzzle. We had a good time. Grandpa brought out some train tracks and some trains they all took turns driving it. I bought a new kit at one of the ADSR host sites called Pappa's Trains. I can't wait to scrap those pictures. Mia cut out her drawing of Molly, which spanned several pages and then stapled them together. It looked amazingly just like Molly.