Saturday, February 21, 2009

Week in Review

Been a busy week and I've been slacking posting anything here. So I'll do a week in review.

Friday Roger brought me yellow roses and two teddy bears to work for an early Valentines gift. Then that afternoon we got hit with a snowstorm. Everybody left work but me. I volunteered to stay since I live the closest. Listening to the radio, though, I became a little leery of my treck home because there were accidents everywhere. I sticked around an extra hour. One of our state cars got hit in the parking lot and as I was cleaning my car off, an accident happened right on the corner by work. Saw lots of cars slid into each other on the way home. They were classifying it as black ice.

Saturday was Valentine's Day. Roger and I had Jaren during the afternoon while his parents went to a movie. Then we went to dinner at Johnny's
Steak House.

Sunday we stuck around the house mostly taking it easy.

Monday was Carrie's 33rd birthday--Happy Birthday! Jeremy and Carrie had seminars taking place downtown so I picked them up for lunch at Spaghetti Works. We made plans to get together that night with the rest of the family for dinner at Bravo. I took them back and went home. Sarah dropped off Jaren a little bit later and we took a nap together. We then picked up Jeremy and took him to his school so he could see how much damage had been done by the break-in over the weekend.

Tuesday I was in a Board (translation "bored") meeting all day. During a break I was browsing my newsreader and saw a man had been shot in both legs the night before, along with his dog less than 500 feet from my house. I felt really bad for the dog.

Wednesday I came home to find some man on my front porch. I debated whether to pull in the drive or keep going. Curiosity got the best of me so I pulled in. He approached my car and I saw his stocking cap sad DSM Swat. It was a detective canvassing the neighborhood to see if anyone saw or heard anything important to help them prosecute the perps involved.

Thursday and Friday were just another day in paradise.

Today I had lunch with some fellow scrappers I met at Digital Scrapbook Place. There was Judy, Kathleen08, Nicole, and Roadmap4life, along with a couple cuteys.