Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Thanksgiving

We were fortunate to have our family over for Thanksgiving, even though it gets pretty crowded. Hopefully no one minds. The fact that we are all able to gather is what is important. We have so much to be thankful for this year. As always, there was way too much food. Our menu for nine people (Jaren's parents brought his food) was:

10 pound turkey
5 pound ham
homemade rolls
Pioneer Woman's mash potatoes with cream cheese and half & half
green bean casserole
cornbread casserole
gourmet macaroni & cheese courtesy of Jeremy
cranberry relish
pumpkin pie
chocolate cake

I might be forgetting some items. After dinner, several family members (the male members that is) crashed for naps.

We also went to Disney on Ice that evening. Grandma Okland, Julie, and Neena also went. David bought 8 tickets for their family and Grandma, Julie & Neena. Several hours later I purchased four tickets for Roger, Jeremy, Sarah, and Jaren and myself (actually Jaren didn't get a ticket--we smuggled him in). As luck would have it, we were right in front of the Okland tribe. What fun. The shocker of the night was when I went to purchase a bag of cotton candy and was told it was $10. I balked and didn't buy it. The reason it was $10 was because it had a souvenir crown. Roger ended up buying a bag so I could have the crown.

It was a great day.