Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Saturday

After working out with my Wii Fit this morning, Grandpa and I loaded the three beagles into the car for a trip to the vet. It is shots and heart worm testing time. When we go to the vet, people were waiting outside with their dogs. I've never seen this place so busy. I guess everybody else wanted to get it done with early. Molly was getting tired walking around outside so Grandpa went in to wait for them to call us and I walked the youngsters around outside. Not too long later Grandpa called us in and we followed him into a room. The technician looked at me kind of funny and asked which one was Molly. She then asked if sheets had been made out for the other two. Since they have been going there for 10+ years, I thought it was a strange question. Then I saw the name on the chart and we realized it was a different Molly they called in. We were ready to leave but she said with three dogs, we could just stay in there. She knew how much we would be contributing to their office expenses I think. So each dog got three shots and heart worm tests. In addition, there was a fecal ran, Molly's shoulder was examined and we had them x-ray it. On top of that, I picked up a one month supply of Molly's medicines--Rimadyl and Lysodern. The total bill was $350 (her medication was $90). I took my camera and got pictures of the car ride down to the vet, inside the vet's office, and a picture of the receipt. I plan on scrapping it tomorrow.

When we got home I saw Carrie had called. The girls wanted to tell me about reading/listening to Black Beauty, a book I bought them Thursday. This was a favorite of mine when I was a youngster. Cailey in a sort of choked-up voice told me it had a happy ending. Carrie then went on to tell me that both girls cried after listening to it. It makes me happy when stories I loved in the 1960s are still making a hit 40+ years later with my granddaughters.

Then we picked up Jaren so his Mom and Dad could go to a movie. We had him about 7 hours and had a wonderful time. We went over to see G.G. and her new kitten. Jaren loves animals.

Tonight I did this lei-out for the Treasure Hunt challenge over at It's along the same lines of the challenges I did during the ADSR 4 race. For this one, I had to use one striped paper, 2 plain papers, 4 pictures, 2 different frames, 2 different alphas (pool fun), 2 different fonts, no flowers or hearts, and at least 4 sentences of journaling. I chose this picture of the girls from 2004 when they were 2 1/2 years old playing in the pool in our front yard.