Sunday, January 18, 2009

National Popcorn Day

Did you know that tomorrow is National Popcorn Day? I guess there is some controversy on the actual date--some sources claim the 19th of January and others say it is whatever day the Super Bowl falls on. All I know is that I love popcorn. Some of my favorite memories are visiting my neighbor's house in the evening to watch T.V. Almost every night they would pop up a big metal dish pan of popcorn and then pour on lots of melted butter. Some nights my friend's mother would make a caramel sauce and pour on it. Eileen really could make some good caramel popcorn.

I still love popcorn. These days everyone has bags of microwave popcorn. Although I like it, I much prefer popcorn cooked in a pan in hot oil (peanut oil makes the best), shaking the pan the entire time and then putting butter in this pan to melt before pouring over the popcorn. And don't forget movie theatre popcorn...I've tried to go to the movie and not get it, but I always end up going back out to the concession stand to get some.

In recent years another form of popcorn has become popular--kettle corn--in which sugar is placed in the pan with the popcorn kernels. This is to die for also.