Sunday, July 13, 2008

Catching up with the Jorgensons

I haven't posted in awhile--no reason really other than busy doing other things. Friday night went with my daughter and granddaughters for a "girls night out" to see Kit Kittredge and have dinners. They picked me up and the girls asked their mother to select a song on the CD that was playing--Girls night out and then asked to have it turned up. Went to dinner at Fazolis and then the movie. Saturday Grandpa and I took Luke to the zoo. I had been to the zoo with daughter and grandchildren on July 2. We have a traveling elephant exhibit and they put on a show. Unfortunately Luke fell asleep during the show on July 2 and cried about it all the way home. So Grandpa, Luke and I spent the day at the zoo yesterday. I've got to get the pictures loaded on my camera and get some layouts done for both zoo visits.

Last night I finalized these two layouts I've been working on.